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Joseph Taormina

Joseph joined the company full-time in 1980 after learning the business from the ground up by spending years in the office and in the field throughout his school years. With a mission of elevating the company into a new era, he modernized business operations and invested in new ventures. In 1993, Joseph formed Taormina Holding Corporation, establishing the parent company that would house the firm’s real estate portfolio and facilitate the company’s property management, maintenance, leasing, development, and acquisition activities. Under his leadership, the company today owns and operates over 20 residential and commercial properties. Joseph accomplished his objectives for the company, positioning Taormina Holding Corporation to engage in new opportunities and take on complex challenges for the foreseeable future.

Cesar Taormina

It was back in 1949, that Taormina Contracting Corporation was formed by the family patriarch, Cesar Taormina. Originally a contactor by trade, Cesar quickly understood the need to expand and diversify his small construction company, and soon purchased his first building. As the years went on, the company continued to acquire and develop properties throughout the tri-state area, building the portfolio up to a handful of assets. Cesar set the groundwork for the successful business that thrives today, and since his passing in 2011, the company continues in his tradition of a strong work ethic and uncompromising excellence.


Joseph Taormina

Joseph is President and Sole Owner of Taormina Holding Corporation. With over 43 years of real estate experience, Joe is directly responsible for overseeing all aspects of the business. He attended Iona College and is an active member of the New York Athletic Club, where he served as Commodore of the NYAC Yacht Club. Joe is very engaged in promoting social and civic related activities with the U.S. Coast Guard and the New York Athletic Club. He is a strong supporter of various programs for underprivileged children and cancer victims, and actively engaged in several organizations focused on the betterment of the environment.

Laura Sosa

Laura is Vice President of Taormina Holding Corporation. With more than 30 years at the company, Laura has continually demonstrated a devotion to providing the utmost service to our tenants. She is responsible for financial operations, property management and residential leasing. Laura received her BA in Accounting from Baruch College. She is heavily involved in numerous charitable organizations and fund-raising events for a variety of parishes, and is an active supporter of St Jude’s and the Ronald McDonald House.

Earl Nelson

Earl is Lead Superintendent. With over 50 years at the company, Earl has become a staple in the company. He is responsible for overseeing all repairs and maintenance throughout the portfolio to ensure our tenants needs are fully satisfied.

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